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Onga Leisure Time Pumps


The range of Onga Leisure Time pool pumps have been designed to provide maximum performance at a realistic cost. We have found these pumps easy to fit to existing systems due to the elevated base and unique rotating union on the inlet and outlet.

When existing pipe work is not straight, these Onga barrel unions have a bit of give, and makes the installation easier. There is no better union than this!

We give these pumps our pre service rust treatment and we believe this gives a longer working time before service is needed, at Brisbane Pool Pumps we ensure you money goes further.

Onga Leisure Time is DIY Ready

The LTP750 or the LTP1100 perform very well when coupled to any of the 21 or 25 inch Onga Sand Filter range.
Onga Leisure Time Pumps have a 1 year on site warranty and a further 12 months Onga bench warranty.


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