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Edgetec Triflo Spa Pump

Edgetec Introduces an exciting new Pump

The Triflo Spa Bath Pump introduces many exciting new design innovations that will make your plumbing task far easier.

Powerful FLOW: TriFlo’s unique design provides powerful water flow to the spa jets. Leading edge CFT Technology has refined the impeller and flow path for optimum performance and efficiency ensuring you to relax in an invigorating water massage.

Multi Ports: Allows the option of  two outlets from the pump ensuring even delivery of water pressure to all jets, especially on multi jet systems.

Auto-Heat: TriFlo’s unique back plate design allows the heat generated by the motor to be transferred into the water allowing the pump to help maintain water temperature


Xtra-Heat: Has an innovative backplate 700watt stainless steel heater element, the design of the heater does not disrupt water flow to spa jets.