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Southern Cross Pumps

Southern Cross Pumps are designed for high water transfer.  Being a Centrifugal pump with a high head capacity the Southern Cross pump range can move up to 250 Litres per second and be used for head pressures of up to 160 metres.  With world wide backup services the Southern Cross range of commercial water pumps should be considered for your next project or replacement pump.

Southern Cross Special Design Features

  • Include taper mounted and keyed impeller for easy removal from shaft during servicing and positive locking during operationSouthern Cross ISO-PRO
  • Heavy duty shaft with large capacity impeller end bearing for safe operation at high speed
  • AS1830/T260 cast iron volute for added safety
  • Reusable “O” ring body seal; minimum number of parts for full range (only four shaft modules) reduces spare parts stocking
  • Hydraulically and dynamically balanced impellers
  • Highly efficient suction performance from double curvature impeller vanes


Southern Cross Standard Features

  • Type 431 stainless steel shaft
  • Rugged cast iron volute with integral suction and discharge flanges and mounting feet
  • Pressure rated to 1600kPa (160 metres head)
  • Cast iron impeller and backplate
  • Stainless steel impeller nut
  • Cast iron bearing housing with sealed for life grease packed bearings (standard sizes readily available from most bearing suppliers)
  • Lip type shaft seals to protect bearings
  • Single mechanical seal



  • Zinc-free bronze impeller type 316 stainless steel shaft and Molybond coatingSouthern Cross ISO-SOV



  • Zinc-free bronze wear rings for impeller, volute and backplate
  • Optional single mechanical seals
  • Soft packed gland seals
  • Works certified and witnessed tests for guaranteed performance
  • Impeller turn-downs
  • Flexible and spacer couplings
  • Pulleys
  • Pressed and or welded steel baseplates



  • Maximum pumped liquid temperature for Southern Cross “ISO Sovereign” Pumps is 80°C using standard seals
  • Liquids up to 180°C can be handled using special seals


Southern Cross Pumps are used in large water scenarios around the world.

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