Onga Pantera Swimming pool pumps

The Onga Pantera pool pump have incorporated design features that provide reliable and efficient pump operation. The series 2 motor has a stainless steel motor shaft and high quality double lipped mechanical seal. When coupled to the unique moulded endshield adaptor, this model is set to run for years of maintenance free use.

The ball bearings are a proven brand guaranteed to last. We believe this is a quieter motor than series1.

Our workshop team enhance the lasting quality of our pump range by our pre sale anti rust service.

The Pantera pump range come with a 3 year warranty and are sized from 550w, 750w, 1100w. This would be the most common range of pumps in use around Brisbane and Australia. These come with a 12 months on site warranty, then a further 2 year Onga bench warranty.

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